loosen up

After too long a time of heavy-handed drawing, it's good to loosen up a bit and do some quick studying with paint. Get back to the roots. No pressure, and no judging or regretting the results. Exploration leads to discovery and perhaps even a glimpse at some kind of "inner truth." Being ok with imperfection is a way to drop some weight off your shoulders, and is the pathway to making better decisions.

This quick painting took only 2 or 3 hours, painted on top of a drawing that really wasn't working at all.


orange study, 2016 - acrylics on watercolor paper - 9" x 12"


Gorgon - Start to finish

This one was just a spur of the moment drawing that I liked from the get-go. There was no thumbnail for it, and I just kept adding to it as I went along.


I like using Arches watercolor paper for inking. It's got good "tooth." I am not precious with my pencil work and I ink right over it most of the time. 


And I'm done. This one was quick but very rewarding and fun to work on. 


Infested - start to finish

I sometimes start with a really rough idea for the piece. A quick thumbnail sketch to get the thought down. Often I would skip this step if there is a deadline or if I am already confident in what to draw.


Once I know what I am doing, I start sketching it at the final scale.


I use photo reference for things like hands. In this case I took photos of my own to get the proper gestures. 


I add more and more details into my sketch as I go along.  Next the inking process starts.

I use a variety of tools from microns, to ballpoint pens to brush and ink. 


I start experimenting with color here. I usually use watercolor or acrylic for my colors. 


Here, I am pretty much done. This piece is rather minimal. The last part is to take the painters tape off.


And sign it. 


thank you for looking

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