art for a story that doesn't exist (wip)

I'm exploring the possibility of "freeforming" a story series on the fly. Single comic pages seemingly ripped out of a larger piece, out of context but still interesting. Each page doesn't relate to any other, and I make up what goes into each panel on the spot, without pre-meditation.

In this particular sequence, I suppose the angry looking "hero" type guy is pretty pissed that the aliens insulted his honor, and is in the porcess of teaching them a valuable life lesson.

And to prove that this had no pre-determined flow, the page started with a the drawing of the largest central panel, followed by the panel right below it (the silhouettes), then spread to the panel left of it with the two startled aliens, followed by the panel at the end (there was a drwaing there originally that really bugged me as I kept adding things, so thankfully I opted for this dome crushing vengeance instead.) The last panel added to this page was the very first one with the close up of the menacing alien face.