Born 1980 - Kiev, Ukraine

Lives and works in NYC.

Alex R. Kirzhner’s most recent work is part of an ongoing theme based on experience, memory and self-observation through life-altering events. After the trauma of Kirzhner’s mother passing, he shifted away from intricate decorative pieces and focused on making art that is both extremely personal yet also broader and more emotionally accessible. Kirzhner’s intention is to continue digging through the psyche, expressing both the positive and negative in a visual medium.

Alex is also a designer and photographer, and has received multiple acknowledgements; most notably two consecutive Grammy nominations as an Art Director/ Designer, an Art Directors Club-Young Guns award, and an award for outstanding package design from N.A.R.M..  

"man thats ugly as hell, if this has something do do with “art” then i will quit drawing and printing"

     - pedro-pistolas, on January 28th, 2013 at 2:33 am


"Alex R. Kirzhner's drawings are almost painfully detailed, exhibiting a glorious mastery of flow and subtle gradations of graphite. Kirzhner is...also a photographer, which may  explain some of his excellent use of black and white. ... Kirzhner has made a name for himself with these soft, fantastical drawings."

     -Juxtapoz Magazine (December 2013)


"Alex creates beautifully intricate renderings of sometimes graphic and gory subject matter. His skill level and attention to detail is apparent throughout all of his work."

     -Juxtapoz Magazine (December 2012)



1998 - 2002: BFA School of Visual Arts, NYC



2008 - Grammy® Nominee / Art Direction for Panic! At The Disco "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - limited edition box"

2008 - ADC Young Guns 6 award

2009 - Grammy® Nominee / Art Direction for Panic! At The Disco "Pretty. Odd - limited edition box"

2009 - Music Biz (N.A.R.M.) award