Born 1980 - Kiev, Ukraine

Lives and works in NYC.

With strong roots in folklore, mysticism as well as pop culture, Alex R. Kirzhner crafts his images with a desire for extravagant detail. His artwork is informed by art history and by personal experiences and memories as a political refugee. Alex is also a designer and photographer, and has received multiple acknowledgements; most notably two consecutive Grammy nominations as an Art Director/ Designer, an Art Directors Club-Young Guns award, and an award for outstanding package design from N.A.R.M.

"man thats ugly as hell, if this has something do do with “art” then i will quit drawing and printing"

     - pedro-pistolas, on January 28th, 2013 at 2:33 am


"Alex R. Kirzhner's drawings are almost painfully detailed, exhibiting a glorious mastery of flow and subtle gradations of graphite. Kirzhner is...also a photographer, which may  explain some of his excellent use of black and white. ... Kirzhner has made a name for himself with these soft, fantastical drawings."

     -Juxtapoz Magazine (December 2013)


"Alex creates beautifully intricate renderings of sometimes graphic and gory subject matter. His skill level and attention to detail is apparent throughout all of his work."

     -Juxtapoz Magazine (December 2012)



1998 - 2002: BFA School of Visual Arts, NYC



2008 - Grammy® Nominee / Art Direction for Panic! At The Disco "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - limited edition box"

2008 - ADC Young Guns 6 award

2009 - Grammy® Nominee / Art Direction for Panic! At The Disco "Pretty. Odd - limited edition box"

2009 - Music Biz (N.A.R.M.) award